Shipping times can differ but the norm is between 3-5 days and the charge is $14.95 Australia wide.

Shipping to a Different Address
In the Shopping cart you can send to a different addressand to another person.
If you intend to do this please include your
phone contact to avoid fraud otherwise we shall have to cancel the order.

International Customers
International orders make up a large part of our sales.
We have been selling POS memory and adapters overseas for over 17 years.
We are experienced in all tarrifs and rates and can advise what extra charges items may attract, needless to say email us with the item and we will reply straight away.
Shipping costs are all in the Shopping Cart for each location.

We confirm all orders online with Email Confirmations straight away.
You receive an email initially after submitting the order then an email advising you the product has been shipped. If an exteneded delay occurs we will advise you by email.
Shipping Costs are all listed with the shopping cart

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