Triple RCA male to 3.5mm male


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12ft ( 4m ) Atlona 3.5mm (mini) male to 3.5mm (mini) male Stereo Audio Cable. Model: AT19032-4 Description: Looking for a replacement cable for your camcorder? Would like a better one than the one provided by the factory? Going on a trip and afraid of loosing or breaking your current cable? Well, all of these situations fit the description of this cable. This double shielded, heavy duty, gold plated with Oxygen FreeCopper (OFC) conductor, this cable will provide you with a great picture when connecting your camcorder to a TV. Shielding also works as reinforcement, in case higher tension is applied to the cable.
Applications: Connect most camcorders on the market to your TV Specs: * Triple RCA male to 3.5mm male * 24k Gold Plated RCA connectors * High-Purity Oxygen Free Copper conductor * High-Density double shielding for max rejection of EMI and RFI * PVC Insulation * Amazing flexibility

Part Number: AT19032-4

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