IEEE 1394 Firewire


WBW CODE: 16-024

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Description: Also known as Firewire or iLink, this fully molded cable can support transfer rates of 100/200/400 Mbits. 4-pin to 4-pin Firewire Cable can be used with any of your FireWire accessories such as printers, scanners, digital/video cameras, etc... IEEE-1394 FireWire Cable provides the high Speed link required for FireWire peripherals to communicate with a PC or, with each Other. Fully Firewire and i-LINK compatible.
Applications: Connect your Printer, Scanner, Digital camera, camcorder and much more to your computer or to each other. (*Note: even if the unit has this type of connection, it does not necessarily mean that you can connect it to any piece of equipment without using Computer. Please refer to your owner's manual for possible applications.) Specs: * IEEE 1394 Firewire * Up to 400 Mbits transfer rate for a PC * A full i-Link compatibility * 4mm PVC Jacket

Part Number: 16-024

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