2M (6FT) 5 RCA male to 5 RCA male


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2M ( 6FEET ) ATLONA COMPONENT VIDEO + AUDIO CABLE. MODEL# AT19067-2 Description: A connection that most home theaters can’t function without. Also known as (EIA770.3), (Y/Pb/Pr) or simply “Component Video” is the most common and the most universal connection that can be found in every home theater system. Unlike S-Video or regular Composite, this cable is designed to transmit HD, ED and SD signals. Made of High-Purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC), it has the characteristics of high conductivity, low signal loss and degradation, low electric resistance and good signal transmission. High-Density double shielding will reduce interference to a minimum, while 24k Gold plated connectors will ensure a tight fit. The featured nylon sleeve will protect the insulation from moist and dust and thus will prevent the aging of the cable.
Applications: Primarily used to interconnect video equipment like projectors, Plasma displays, CRT displays, LCD’s, DVD players, video scalers, Satellite and Cable receivers and more. Specs: * 2M (6FT) 5 RCA male to 5 RCA male * 24k Gold Plated connectors * 1M (3FT) High-Purity Oxygen Free Copper conductor * Single strand conductor construction (RG-6) * Resolutions up to 1080p * High-Density double shielding for max rejection of EMI and RFI * Nylon Sleeve offers extra protection against moisture and dust * UL standard rated * CL2 standard rated

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