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"FileMaker Pro 9 is full of breakthrough new features that connect you to your world of data - faster and easier than ever before! The new Quick Start Screen remembers your favorite databases so you can find and open them instantly. The Quick Start Screen also links to the new FileMaker Pro 9 Learning Center so video tutorials and technical tips, all designed to help you be more productive, are just a click away. The new script grouping feature help you better organize and manage all your scripts while the new script editing features saves you time by letting you copy and paste, drag and drop and more. Customize with. The new conditional formatting feature visually formats fields and objects based on conditions that you set, and you can choose from a list of pre-defined conditions or create your own conditions based on your calculations. The new Auto-Resize feature controls how objects resize and move when the window size changes so portals, tab controls, and the FileMaker Web Viewer, will scale to fit the screen or printer being used. Plus, the enhanced Web Viewer and Tab Control options and help you design better, more intuitive layouts faster and easier. Integrate with More Programs and Formats Than Ever Before:Now you can integrate live data from Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL with your FileMaker Pro data using the new External SQL Data Sources feature. And the new Send Link feature makes it easier to share FileMaker Pro databases via a clickable email link. And to make reporting and creation of Adobe PDF files even easier, you can now use the Append to PDF feature to appends multiple reports into one file. Plus, there are many more great new features in FileMaker Pro 9 and FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced, like multiple levels of Undo and Redo, field level spell checking, enhanced toolbars and new shipping label formats

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